Travelling to Australia from afar can be thrilling. It also requires much planning ahead of time. One of the essential items you'll need for your trip is your passport for Australia. Naturally, in order to have your passport ready, you must also have your Australian passport photo taken. Oops! Do you not possess a legally acceptable passport photo? Do not worry; we have you covered. But before anything else, take a quick look at your passport image's specifications.


Basic Requirements

  • Even if nothing about your appearance has changed, you still need a new passport photo.
  • You must have recently had your passport photo taken. It needs to be recent—within the last six months.
  • Your application will be delayed if your photographs don't meet the specifications.


Passport Image Size 

  • Photos must be between 35 and 40 mm width and 45 mm and 50 mm tall. 
  • The image can have a maximum size of 36mm from chin to crown and a minimum size of 32mm.

The quality of your printed photos

  • Two identical, high-quality colour prints made with dye sublimation rather than an inkjet printer.
  • Absolutely no editing of any type (including removal of background, moles, wrinkles or scars)
  • Clear, sharp picture without any blemishes or "red eye"
  • Background that is light grey or white and contrasts with your face
  • Uniform lighting (no reflections or shadows), with the suitable brightness and contrast to display skin tone naturally


Photo style  

  • Face centred, facing the camera directly, and not slanted in any way
  • Take your hair from your face so that you can see your face's edges.
  • Open eyes and keep your mouth closed
  • Neutral expression (avoid smiling, laughing or frowning)
  • Glasses must be clear of reflections or glare, and frames must not cover the eyes (we advise taking off glasses for the shot, if at all feasible).
  • Expose your full head (Unless it must be covered for medical or religious reasons) 


Photos of babies and children

  • A picture of an infant (under three years old) with their mouth open is permitted. 
  • The image must meet all the other specifications. 
  • No other person or thing may be seen in the picture.


Note : The requirements are subject to change. Please check the government's official website for the most recent regulations.

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